If you kill a person, you’re a murderer. If you steal, no one would hesitate to call you a thief. But in America, when you force yourself on someone sexually, some people will jump through flaming hoops not to call you a rapist.

As reported by Al Jazeera America, colleges across the country are replacing the word “rape” in their sexual assault policies with “non-consensual sex” because schools don’t want label students “rapists”.



do not fix your dark circles let the world know youre tired of its shit and ready to kill a man


No tiene nada de malo tener sexo sin amor. Lo malo es fingir amor para tener sexo.

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Estamos en el siglo 21 y todavía hay personas que no pueden entender que un hombre y una mujer tengan una amistad sana, sin ningún interés.

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—¿Cuál ha sido tu mejor decisión?
—Tú, sin duda.
Don’t ever feel bad for making a decision that upsets other people. You are not responsible for their happiness. You are responsible for your happiness.
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Ojalá nunca te toque ver a la persona que más quieres siendo feliz con otra.


Es la sensación más horrible del mundo:)

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